Omega Speedmaster ’57 Chronograph 40.5mm Mens Watch 332.

Launched in 2013, the Omega Speedmaster 57 chronograph has been updated and upgraded this year. The upgrade is mainly in two aspects, one is to reduce the size, and the other is to replace it with a manual movement. Now the question is, whether to buy a manual 57 or an automatic 57.Replica Omega Speedmaster ’57

Before deciding whether to buy an automatic or a manual, we must first solve a problem, that is, why should we buy the Speedmaster 57 with so many chronographs from Omega? The reason I give is that the Speedmaster 57, both automatic and manual, is the only regular size chronograph in Omega’s current state-of-the-art chronograph movement. The diameter of the watch is 41.5 mm for automatic and 40.5 mm for manual. The more conventional size means that more friends can enjoy the latest and most advanced watchmaking technology.

The so-called Omega’s most advanced chronograph movement is the 9-series chronograph movement used by the two. The 9300 chronograph movement used in the automatic 57 is a new generation of automatic chronograph movement developed by Omega in 2011 based on Omega’s exclusive coaxial escapement. It uses a silicon hairspring, uses a vertical clutch and a column wheel timing structure, and has a unique double-eye chronograph that integrates the 12-hour chronograph and 60-minute counter into the 3 o’clock chronograph. Aesthetically, it is decorated with Arabic Geneva stripes and black-plated screws.

The movement used in the manual 57 is called 9906, which is a manual version of the 9900 movement without the automatic rotor. The 9900 movement is an upgraded version of the 9300 movement, which has reached the high-level Observatory standard, the antimagnetic reaches 15,000 gauss, and the travel time error is also increased to 0 to 5 seconds per day. The biggest advantage of 9906 after removing the automatic rotor is that the watch becomes thinner. Although the effect is not particularly obvious, there is no harm in being thinner. In addition, since the power reserve of both watches is 60 hours, there is no need to struggle with the issue of choosing automatic and manual movements, because there is no obvious difference in performance between the two movements.

In addition to Omega’s latest movement technology, Speedmaster 57 is worth buying because it looks infinitely close to the original Speedmaster. The name of Speedmaster 57 comes from the birth year of the first Speedmaster in history in 1957. In addition, it was born with two professional series, Tieba and Haima, which are veritable three brothers of land, sea and air. The appearance of the original Speedmaster has three very distinct features, namely the broadsword hands; the crown and chronograph pushers have no shoulder pads, straight lugs and no twisted polished surfaces. The Speedmaster 57 not only fully inherits these three characteristics, but also its yellowed hour markers, luminous coating, dial text and box-type mirror, and the use of the sandwich dial enhances the sense of age of this watch. Compared with the automatic 57, the biggest difference of the new manual 57 is that the graininess of the dial is more obvious, making the whole watch look more textured. In addition, the two 57 bracelets not only inherit the three-section shape of the original Speedmaster, but also have belts with different color dials to choose from.

Since these two watches are not very different in appearance and movement, which one should I choose? I think the manual 57 has reduced the size and removed the automatic rotor. If we take the black plate version as an example, the most intuitive feeling is that the weight of the manual 57 is only 134 grams, which is 32 grams lighter than the automatic 57. Don’t be too small. Looking at this weight, for a watch that is not thin, lightness plays a key role in comfortable wearing for a long time. Although it is more comfortable, the water resistance is less than half of the 100-meter automatic 57, and the price is 5300 more expensive than the 64300 automatic 57. Therefore, it is right for friends who pay attention to daily wear to choose manual 57. If they are friends with thick wrists and pay more attention to the comprehensiveness of the watch, they should choose automatic 57.Replica Omega Watches

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